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Huntingdon Campaign continues 30.07.98

Meanwhile, the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS)rolls on. The company is the UK's biggest contract testing company who torture and kill for profit. They have been the focus of attention ever since two undercover investigators exposed the companies cruelty with 'It's a Dogs Life' which led to the company shares to plummet.

At the last demo HLS cunningly let their staff go home early denying protestors the opportunity to chat. The demo saw 10 varied arrests, several of which were made by Thames Valley Police who came to the party to pick up Hillgrove activists! People then moved on to nearby breeders Interfauna, and then to the home of Dr Pamela Mullins - previously head of Rodent Toxicology - who apparently cowered behind closed curtains with an iron bar, while those attending enlightened the neighbourhood about her job, until police moved them on. Incidentallly, one of the police Evidence Gatherer's cars crashed into an oncoming vehicle after taking a roundabout too fast! Tut!

HLS share prices are now just 17.5p (and they made a loss of over five million last year), so HLS can be closed down, keep up the pressure and support the activists outside the labs at Altringham Road, Wilmslow and Wooley Road, Alconbury. Next demo : Saturday 1st August, meet at noon, Wilmslow Railway Station, Cheshire.

Contact Huntingdon Death Sciences Campaign, PO Box 325, Cambridge, CB1 2UF
(report from SchNEWS 176, 17 July 1998)

Previous story:
Shares dive at Lifescience Animal test firm
a report from The Observer 21 June 98. Sarah Ryle.

Shares in controversial research company Huntingdon Life Sciences have plummited to their lowest level for four years after anti-vivisectionists appear to have succeeded in a campaign of 'economic sabotage' forcing a major shareholder to sell it's stock.

Huntingdon Life Sciences based in Cambridgeshire, hit the headlines last year after a television documentary showed animals kept for experiments being badly treated.

The Home Office threatened to terminate the company's licence to use animals for research , which would have forced the company to close.

Huntingdon's shares were suspended for three months. The share price had already gone into freefall from 124p and only just managed to stabilise at under 50p at the start of this year.


During last week, however, the price was virtually halved. They started at 33.5p but by friday night they had fallen to 17.5p - although it had dropped during the day to 15p, the lowest it had been since 1994.

Animal rights activists last weekend announced that they had accelerated their campaign and target London's institutional investors in a bid to persuade them to get the company to halt animal testing.

Rumours started circulating in the market early last week that a major investor wanted to dump 15% of it's shares, that company was Robert Flemming Holdings.

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