Quick catch up

Today’s tunes while I work – LCD Soundsystem, Helen and the Horns, Kate Bush, Go Team, Beyond Nashville.
CD about to go in the bin: Jimi Tenor: Organism. Fuck knows where I got this CD from, but it’s a silver platter of cack. The guy looks like a gay Thunderbirds puppet and the songs are painfully self-conscious art-electro wank. Shit – he’s on Warp Records too! There goes my street cred! I wonder if I can spin the CD straight into the bin from here….. YESSS!!!!

Monday: This is why I love the web: Watch it shred – a bonkers site showing DVD’s to Steel Drums to Industrial Batteries to Medical Waste to Washing Machines to Wood Pallets all being crushed in a series of videos!

Sunday: Photos from the fabulous snowy Kent country walk are now up – check ’em out.

Saturday: After recovering after over-quaffication at the Canterbury last night and a crap kip (why do I keep waking up so fucking early?!). went to town, met chums and had lunch in Photographer’s Gallery which was rudely interrupted by some posh bloke booming out an unexpected lecture about art in the cafe.

Home to whoop with joy at the Cardiff City result. A wion at last!

Later on installed and made my first Skype conference call – boy does that software rock (it lets you make free calls to anyone in the world, so long as they’re connected to the web. I love it!)

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