Urban Art Fairs and shopping for clothes

Shopping and drinking

Now, when it comes to shopping for clothes, I’m not too good. In fact, I’m utterly rubbish.

I get stressed within seconds of entering a clothes shop, I instantly imagine that everything would look rubbish on me and if I manage to find something I like, it inevitably only comes in size XXXL ElephantFatBastard or has five mile long legs. Or I’m quietly informed that they’d look ridiculous on me.

But yesterday I was in luck. I finally managed to sort out my troubling declining trouser problem in one fell swoop, grabbing three pairs of pants that (a) actually fitted (b) didn’t make me look like an absolute arse and (c) didn’t cost a small fortune.

Oyster Bar Kings Cross

With a triumphant skip in my step, I went for a leisurely ramble around central London, trekking from Covent Garden up Tottenham Court Road and eventually ending up at St Pancras where I took a couple of photos of the fabulous station before recording the crumbling wreck of the old Oyster Bar building by Kings Cross.

Urban Art 2004, Brixton

Back in Brixton, I checked out the superb Urban Art fair in Josephine Avenue – a large outdoor street gallery, with paintings hung up on railings.

In the evening, it was off to the Albert for an excellent night of quaffing with a host of cheery chums. Vic’s poetry night was on in the garden and a mighty good time was had by all. Respect!

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