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An afternoon in St Ives, Cornwall

Local history-tastic!

The Cornish weather took a turn for the worse, so we checked out the attractions of St Ives.


First stop was the Library to avail ourselves of the free internet access- unfortunately, I spent most of my free time writing to the wankers responsible for filtering urban75 off the library system. The tossers.

Next stop was the fabulous St Ives Museum, a completely bonkers public display of the contents of a thousand attics.

It seems just about anything even remotely connected to St Ives can guarantee a warm welcome at this museum- old pen knives, stuffed animals and bits of knitting…

Next up was a trip up Tregenna Hill for the local Archive Society’s showing of 1950s 16mm footage of St Ives.

It was interesting, but they were a bit of an odd bunch – very old England, middle class, cups of tea church hall stuff.

We’re now enjoying a coffee in the top floor café at the Tate, looking over the golden sands of Porthmeor Beach.

Which is nice!