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Stockwell Skate Park

Hanging out in Brixton

After my failed mission to sort out a new pair of pants, I returned to Brixton to check out a fund raising benefit for the Stockwell Skate Park. The skate park is just outside of Brixton (by the Academy) and is a much used resource for local kids.

Despite the stunningly obvious logic of local community resource = kids off the streets, the park has been struggling to raise much-needed cash to resurface the cracking tarmac.

Much as I wish the park every success, it’s not too exciting watching people whirr around in circles, so we took a look in the nearby Brixton Cycles Co-Op (one of the finest cycle shops in London) before adjourning to The Lounge for a coffee with the chatty hatboy and the lovely Martine. And big up u75 boardster Jackdaw! 🙂