Another weekend rolls by…

Saturday, we grabbed breakfast at the Brixton Lounge and met up with my NYC mate Matt and Ted/Dave. Then it was into the West End for lunch in my fave café, the Photographers Gallery (check out the excellent Japanese fashion devotees exhibition!), followed by a bit of a half hearted stroll down to the Stop the War demo in Trafalgar Square.

By chance, I popped into the National Portrait Gallery and saw a fantastic exhibition of photos called ‘Circling the Square’. These featured photos from a selection of demos, protests and celebrations in the Square over the years, and included a great image from an anti-war demo in 1914. Very apt!

Got home to time to watch the teletext roll by, confirming Cardiff’s 3-0 thrashing of Crewe and then it was down to the Albert for a top night: the new owners Pat and Paul have done a great job of getting a buzz about the place, with free poetry and music in the back yard and free home cooked food. Nuff respec’!

Sunday we wandered up to Opus café in Acre Lane for a coffee and a read of the papers with with Marcus (it’s a small but friendly café – highly recommended!) before I went home to try and put together a load of computer bits to make a back up server.

Took some time off to watch a dreadful piece of cod-Celtic TV tosh, ‘Boadicea’ before aimlessly moving a load of cables around inside a box and wondering why the PC wasn’t working. Maybe tomorrow, then…

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