Been Big Chillin’….

Been Big Chillin’….

I’ve just come back from five days in deepest Herefordshire, enjoying the Big Chill festival, set in a beautiful wooden valley.

Big Chill festival
View from the main stage looking up to the camp site

Happily, we didn’t have to endure the mud tastic gloopsville of Glastonbury, with a schorchio sun getting the suntan lotion slapping all over.

We had a gazebo-tastic, king-size camp set up in the hills which was ridiculously comfy with tables, chairs and every creature comfort to hand. With not an all-night shite bongo player to be heard!

Latecomers to the festival weren’t so lucky – once all the prime camping spots had been taken, campers had to hang on for grim life on uncomfortably sharp inclines (we saw at least one couple who had rolled out of their tent during the night!)

Highlights were the superb Jim Cauty (from the KLF) doing a striking video set on the Sunday night, a storming, tear-it-up gig by The Egg and the bonkers full on reggae version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ by the appropriately named US band ‘Dark Side of the Dub’.

The lowlights had to be the hopelessly inadequate bars which either ran out of beer and/or glasses constantly, or were so undermanned that waits of up to 50 minutes weren’t unusual. And at £3.50 for a pint of Westons, I expect slightly speedier service!

But overall it was a load of fun and my body is suitably trashed right now.

I’ll be posting up a comprehensive photo report in a few days…

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