A bleak view of Spray View Ave/Beach 35th St, Rockaway, Queens NYC

A bleak view of Sprayview Ave/Beach 35th St, Rockaway, Queens NYC

My Ramones-inspired pilgrimage to Rockaway Beach in 1986 disappointed on several levels – where were the punk rockers? Where were the rock’n’roll bars? – but, undaunted, a took a stroll around the neighbourhood.

I somehow ended up wandering off the Boardwalk and up Beach 35th St.

I liked the sound of  Spray View Avenue, with the name conjuring up images of a strip of 18th century weatherboarded houses, with perhaps a few old sea salts outside getting drunk on rum. This was going to be a photographic treat!

Sadly, all I found was a bleak wasteland extending as far as the eye can see – and according to Google it looks like nothing much has changed in the past quarter of a century:

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