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A hearty night of fun at the Park Hotel in Boomtown Fair

The beauty of Boomtown Fair is all the little bars and clubs that lie behind the High Street façades, and one of my favourites was the Park Hotel, located uptown.

The hotel had a revolving door!

Inside the venue could be found a pool table (heavily propped up to counteract the considerable slope of the ground), a table tennis table,  table football, a bar, beds, a photo studio and a stage.

The photo studio.

Tankus the Hedge onstage. I liked this band.

Space hopper ‘how high can you bounce’ competition.

The photo studio was run by the lovely Tilly May.

A tickle sticker on the bar.

Through a revolving bookcase could be found the secret Karaoke disco. I was invited to join in with the fun!

Party time in the caravan!

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