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A hipster bike stripped bare, Brixton Police Station – and some useful bike locking tips

Spare a moment, if you will, for this stylish, single-speed, retro racer bike in Brixton that has been cruelly been stripped bare of almost all of its components.

The saddle and seat  post are but a distant memory, the chainset has gone off to pastures new, the chain is rusted and contorted, both brakes have vanished along with all the cabling, and even the handlebars have departed the locality.

Perhaps the biggest indignity this once-splendid vintage racer has suffered is that all of this has happened right outside Brixton Police Station.

Keeping your bike safe

Is nowhere chuffing well safe in Brixton?,” you may well ask in exasperated tones, and the answer is probably not.

This kind of thing is certainly nothing new around town, and was recorded on this very site back in 2011: Here’s what happens when you don’t lock your bike properly outside Brixton tube

Getting your bike – or even bits of it – nicked by some low down bums is never a laughing matter, so please make sure you lock up your two-wheeled wonder safely and securely.

There’s another article stuffed full of useful advice about keeping your bike safe from ne’er do well bike thieves and component purloiners: More bike locking tips: watch these videos and protect your bike!

Stay safe, y’all.

*I have been asked: “Is this really a hipster bike”?  Of course, I don’t know for sure, but it certainly ticks all the boxes.