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A mighty big Bavarian Christmas Market: December in Aschaffenburg, Germany

They don’t mess about when it comes to Christmas markets in Bavaria, and earlier this month I was lucky enough to pay a flying visit to the Aschaffenburg Christmas market in southern Germany.

Located in north west Bavaria, Aschaffenburg has a long history with the earliest remains of settlements in the area dating from the Stone Age.

Roman legions were once stationed here, as were the US Army who occupied several facilities after WW2. [More]

With the whiff of mulled wine, roasted almonds, potato pancakes and grilled sausages filling the air, I took a quick spin around the market and grabbed these photos:

A local choir get in a last minute practice.

A Franconian nativity scene with life-size wooden figures forms the centrepiece of the Christmas market.

Mulled wine cottage.

Buying Christmas gifts.

Christmas pyramids are hugely popular across Germany. The top part rotates.

Built in 1605, the Schloss Johannisburg castle dominates the background.

Amaretto Mulled Wine for sale.

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