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A photo walk across Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan

Here’s a series of photos capturing a walk over Williamsburg bridge into Manhattan from Brooklyn, New York.

Check out the dude in shades and leather jacket skateboarding by.

Red House, Brooklyn.

Opening on December 19th, 1903 at a cost of $24,200,000, the Williamsburg Bridge set the record for the longest suspension bridge span on Earth – a record it held on until 1924, when the Bear Mountain Bridge was completed. []

The main span of the bridge is 1,600 feet (490 m) long, with the entire bridge measuring  7,308 feet (2,227 m) long between cable anchor terminals, and the deck is 118 feet (36 m) wide. Each tower is 335 feet (102 m) high (as measured from the river’s surface at high-water mark).

The bridge replaced the East River ferries, which had run since 1802 but finally gave up the ghost in 1908 [More: A walk around Grand Ferry Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York]

Along with the Manhattan Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge has the distinction of being a suspension bridge in New York City that still carries both automobile and rail traffic.

The bridge once carried two sets of trolley tracks, in addition to the two extant subway tracks connecting the New York City Subway’s BMT Nassau Street Line and BMT Jamaica Line.

Heading into Manhattan.

Man with a big bucket.

Artwork on the Manhattan side.

Manhattan bridge entrance.

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