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A shimmying’n’shaking Battle Royal at the Bario Loco Dance Off, Boomtown Fair 2015

Here’s some more scenes from last weekend’s wild weekend at the wonderful Boomtown Fair.

Seen in hip-shimmying action were contenders and challengers for the Dance Off, staged in the Bario Loco district of the town. It was a heap of fun.

Scroll down for some photos of the action:

Dancing girls busting out some deft moves above the dance-off stage.

I loved the authentic telegraph poles!

Let the dance off begin!

Ready for the bell.

The battle begins.

An interesting move.

Third party clothing removal.

He thinks he’s won, but the crowd think differently..

The winner!

Another dance off begins in unorthodox style.

Watching the action.

Interesting position…

A few metres away another battle was taking place, this time in a glitter saturated paddling pool.

The aim was to steal the opponent’s cloth wristband.

She is victorious!

Another battle is underway.

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