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A Thursday night in Brixton: four bars, six bands and all for free

Is Brixton best place for great free nights out in London?

I’ve lived all around London and can’t think of anywhere where you’d get this assortment of free, ‘scene’-free entertainment.

Here’s the roll call from Thursday night – four bars, all free:

9PM – JAMM, Brixton Road for IanW’s four-band free indie night
10PM – Rest Is Noise, Brixton Road for some indie band who manfully battled against their dreadful PA system
11PM – Albert, Coldharbour Lane  for a very noisy Iggy Pop-esque rock band
12.30AM  – Dogstar, Coldharbour Lane for vast amounts of drinking and dancing

.. and apparently there was a free night at the Windmill too and a live jazz band at the Effra!

Rest Is Noise. I really like the venue, but the sound has got progressively worse for live music.

Prince Albert – home of our Offline nights and one of the finest live music boozers in SW9.

Prince Albert crew.

The Dog with a lampshade for a hat, Dogstar.

There can’t be many places in London that offer this much great free entertainment on a Thursday night, no?

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