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A visit to Notes Coffee, 31 St Martin’s Lane by Trafalgar Square, London

If you’re traversing the tourist traps around Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square and looking for a decent cup of coffee, Notes may be worth a look in.

They have two central London branches – one at 31 St Martin’s Lane WC2N 4ER, the other at 36 Wellington Street WC2E 7BD – and we paid a visit to the former, which is a short stroll away from Trafalgar Square and The Strand.

Inside there’s high ceilings, a long serving bar, bench seats by the entrance and a back room with tables, while one wall offers a large selection of wines.

It’s light and airy, but the main downside is that the place gets very busy indeed and it’s not unusual to find no seats available, or you might find yourself having to wedge yourself into a tight space on the bench seats.

It can also get a bit noisy too, so it’s not a place I’d recommend if you’re looking for a hangover-curing cappuccino or seeking some quiet contemplation over life’s great mysteries.

Despite being kept busy with customers, the staff were friendly and attentive, and there seemed a good selection of snacks and cakes on offer.

The espresso at Notes is roasted by Square Mile Coffee Roasters, and the result was a delicious brew that’s well worth the occasional wait. The coffee really was excellent.

Find the cafe here:
Notes, 31 St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4ER