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Aldgate Experiments and the bright red temporary wall seats, St Botolph Row, London EC3

Billed as a ‘dynamic programme of arts and design interventions into the urban landscape,’ Aldgate Experiments looks to bring ‘the streets of Aldgate to life.’

Part of the large Aldgate Project (or ‘Aldgate Highway Changes and Public Realm Improvements Project’ to give the full name), their first Experiment has been created in the shape of these new temporary seats in Aldgate High Street.

According to the official website, they’ll soon be joined by ‘giant pot plants (see below).

I think these seats look rather splendid. In case you’re wondering, they’re firmly screwed down!

Read more about the Aldgate Experiments project here, and find out more about the Aldgate Project here.

You can give your feedback about the proposals up to 8th August 2013.