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Atlantic Road, Brixton – archive photos from 2001

Looking back through my photo archives, I came across these old photos taken of the old ‘Frontline’ in  Atlantic Road, Brixton back in 2001 when large chunks of the road were semi-derelict.

Atlantic Road gained notoriety when it provided the spark for the 1981 Brixton riots, sending the area into a slow decline, with many of the shops remaining boarded up for decades and the road suffering a decidedly unsavoury reputation.

Here’s some views from July, 2001. It’s barely recognisable from how it looks today.

The long-abandoned Howes Confectionary Wholesale Store in Atlantic Road.

December 2001 views

Corner of Vining Street and Atlantic Road.

The posters are advertising the Fun Lovin’ Criminals at the Brixton Academy, 16th-17th Dec, 2001. There’s also some ‘Return to the Source’ posters along the top, with the biggest being one for Michael Jackson ‘s ‘Cry.’

Atlantic Road ‘Then and Now’ photos:

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» Atlantic Rd South
» 66/68 Atlantic Road
» ‘Alfie’, Atlantic Road