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Barneys Cafe, Loughborough Junction, SW9

Seen here in 2003 where it was facing closure, Barney’s cafe has been serving Loughborough Junction for years.

Interior view from 2003.

Close up of the menu prices from 2003, showing traditional British cafe fare.

Here’s a comment from the urban75 boards:

It has been going for ages, used to be a greasy spoon english cafe and is now portugese. Has a lovely garden out back (well, lovely for Loughborough Junction) which used to have a pool table in it under a sort of car port so you could have a spliff with your cup of tea and game of pool. Which was nice.

Barneys Cafe can be found at 234 Coldharbour Lane,  London, SW9 8SD

Updated photos: Two views from March 2011.

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