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Bars, beers, beaches and sunburn: Brighton basks in the early July sunshine

Brighton looked ruddy glorious in the July sunshine last week, and here’s a selection of photos taken during my short stay on the south coast.

With the temperature still around 20C at night, the city bars took on something of a continental air.

Apparently known for its, “plush private booths, lush purple hue and regular turnover of top notch party nights,” the Boutique bar/club can be found on Boyces Street.

Ice creams on the seafront.

Looking west with the looming outline of the i360 Tower in the background.

By the beach.

Inside the Hope & Ruin on Queen’s Road.

Apparently modelled on Eastern European bars (it looked more like Brooklyn to me), this is a fabulous place for a drink, with a good range of beers and really friendly staff.

I was in the Prince Albert last month to see the fabulous Deaf School perform, and this time I remembered to take some photos of the impressive mural on the side of the pub along Frederick Place.

A collaboration between graffiti artist Req, SinnaOne and bar owner Chris Steward, the mural features music legends such as Bob Marley, John Lennon, Ian Curtis and Freddy Mercury.

Desperate for a last drink, we headed off to the Mash Tun in Church Street, where people seemed very keen to enjoy themselves.

Loud, rambunctious and full of people hell-bent on enjoying themselves, I loved it.

Street shop sign.

Pop up market off Queen’s Road.

Royal Pavilion.

Blue skies, calm seas and a pair of mirrorballs.

Elvis and a king sized 99.

Soaking up the sun.

Taking to the sea.

Underneath the pier.

Sheltering from the sun under the pier.

On the Volks railway. If only the wonderfully bonkers railway that ran in the sea was still here!

Half way on the Volks.

Fish and chips and mushy peas.

Looking east along the beach.

On the pier.

A seagull poses for a picture.

These two annoying idiots insisted on revving up their high powered splash-machines right next to the pier.

Thanks for that, guys.

Afternoon nap #1.

Afternoon nap #2.

A fisherman tell swimming kids to clear oooorf as they come close to his line.

Chasing the giant bubble.

Seaside tack.

It still makes me sad to see the West Pier rusting away.

Taking a paddle.

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