Blue glowing cloud over Brixton, London

I saw this crazy blue glowing cloud over Brixton around 2.20am this morning. It looked like the Aurora Borealis had gone walkabout from the north pole, and the cloud seemed to be slowly changing hues from blue to a greeny blue and spreading in a north easterly direction. It looked very, very weird.

I’ve since learnt that I was looking at Noctilucent clouds

Here’s how NASA describe them:

“They hover on the edge of space. Thin, wispy clouds, glowing electric blue. Some scientists think they’re seeded by space dust. Others suspect they’re a telltale sign of global warming. They’re called noctilucent or “night-shining” clouds (NLCs).”

I started a thread on the urban75 bulletin boards and sent the image off to the BBC – and before I knew it, it was a major feature on the 1.30 BBC London News, with a follow up article later on tonight!