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Boomtown Fair 2015 – 70 photos from my favourite festival – and the official video

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I had a ruddy wonderful time at Boomtown this year, and I hope that my photos have managed to capture some of the fun and spirit of the festival.

Here’s my final instalment of pictures, plus the official ‘after-video’…

By the ballroom.

Helter skelter.

Umbrella lights.

Looking downtown.

Acrobat in action.

A flute playing techno DJ? Hell, why not!

In the woods.

Balloon popping antics.

Loved this sign.

On the bandstand.

Boombox stage.

Working it at the Leisure Centre.

The only bit I didn’t like about Boomtown was his horrid Jagermeister branded corporate ‘shack’, Happily it was located in a distant corner so I never saw it again.

A funeral takes place.

Camp site view.

Inside the Peoples’ Front Room.

The lovely hosts.

Busy scenes at night.

At the Mayfair Opera House.

A petrol powered scorpion.

Downtown camping.

The impressive sight of the Jolly Dodger stage.

After the pillow fight.

Mayfair at dusk.

DJing the Rave Yard.

Heads by the bass bins.

Night view.

Trying the tightrope.

Monday morning: some people left the site in a real state. Clean up your mess you lazy bastards!

Here’s the official video (below).

Thank you Boomtown people for putting on such a great festival. See you next year!


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