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Boomtown Fair’s Park Hotel in Mayfair – ping pong, bands and a revolving door

The Park Hotel in Boomtown’s Mayfair zone has always been one of my favourites – if only for its wonderful revolving door – and there was plenty of entertainment on offer this year.

Once you’ve got past the reception area, there’s always a heap of fun to be found inside.

Here’s how they hotel describes itself on the official website:

“Enter through golden revolving doors. Check in at reception and find oneself in the decadent playground of the rich & famous! Here is a champagne flowing, cocktail pouring, music thronging, Chandelier swinging, hotel service at every whim, Penthouse antics, game playing, opulent glittering world that is The Park Hotel!”

“Over flowing with endless dazzling parties here in the hotel Confidentiality is a must… A place to dance, play be pampered or simply rest ones’ weary feet after a busy day in the town… check in at Reception and be guided to one of our giant golden beds by our ever attentive and charismatic waiting staff, where you can kick back and relax with friends and loved ones whilst enjoying the finest Live Music, DJs and Performance Artists, with bedside service from the luxury of your own four poster!”

Bands onstage.

The usual mayhem around the table tennis tables.

In the karaoke ‘penthouse suite.’


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