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Brighton: an early autumn stroll along the seafront in photos

I’ve managed to visit Brighton no less than twice in the last two weeks, and both times have been blessed with wonderful weather (unlike my rain-lashed trip to Bognor Regis earlier this year).

Naturally, I had my cameras with me (a Ricoh GR and Olympus OM-D EM-5II if you’re interested) and snapped away as I walked five miles or so along the sea front and back.

I walked down from the station and past the splendid Royal Pavilion.

With soaring domes and minarets, the Pavilion is built in the Indo-Saracenic style that was popular in India for most of the 19th century, and is the work of architect John Nash, who extended the building from 1815.

Enjoying a cooling spray from the fountain.

A glorious Brighton morning on the beach, with the heartbreaking sight of the West Pier in the distance.

Considering a paddle by the Palace Pier.

Taking it easy.

Busy scenes on the promenade.

Sailboats and sunbathers.

Watching the world go by.

Beach huts.

Relaxing in the shade.

Fishermen at low tide.

Taking a rest.

Preparing the cakes for a child’s treat.

One of the last swims of the year.

There was a small festival taking place on the green by the promenade.

Trumpet solo on the bandstand.

Deckchair sunbathers.

Elderly raver ‘avin’ it large.

Seagull pretends not to be looking at the nearby food.

Empty deckchairs and the West Pier.

A little dog goes for a walk.

Fabulous vehicle with a caravan welded on top.

Rainbow parasol.

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