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Brighton seagulls, skinheads, seaside and sun, photos from the the south coast resort

Here’s a selection of photos taken in and around Brighton this week.  Above: a couple walks on to the beach as the skies darken.

Tinkling the ivories at the railway station.

I’m not sure that she knew this had been stuck on to her bag.

Another piano player in the town. He was very good.

Spooky bear watches over.

Connected seagull.

Life guard.

Dancing to the rock band at the Music Hall.

Construction work on the Brighton i360 tower, the ‘successor’ to the West Pier.

Looking out to the ruins of the much-loved and never-coming-back West Pier.


Being watched over.

Skinheads on the loose.

Lips and pink paint.

Church under wraps.

Iconic Banksy graffiti,

Does this really say No Yogurt?

Brighton pavilion detail.

Tarot reader tries to predict the arrival of the next customer.

Darkening skies over the Brighton doughnut.

Empty deck chairs.

Fortune teller.

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