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Brixton car park awaits its fate

It may be one of the ugliest, most depressing buildings ever put up in Brixton, but the crumbling multi-story car park on Brixton Station Road has become a centre of controversy.

Lambeth Council propose to demolish the car park and replace it with a temporary ice rink to help Tesco get out of a sticky situation they’ve got themselves into.

This has infuriated market readers and local businesses who say that removing vital car parking spaces will reduce the amount of people coming into Brixton to shop.

Meanwhile, the car park remains empty, closed and useless while it awaits its overdue demolition. Here’s some photos of how it currently looks.

The car park is covered in a green gauze.

The old entrance. Curiously, the old car park attendant’s office is still manned.

I’ve no idea why the lights are all on inside because I’ve never seen anyone working in there.

See views of the car park here.