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Brixton Costa Coffee reveals itself, while a squirrel scuttles about the Barrier Block

I’ve got two completely unrelated Brixton scenes for you today. The first is the sight of the cleaned up brickwork of the old Sanders & Co Jewellers shop on Brixton Road.

The hoardings are slowly coming down in readiness for the opening of a Costa Coffee shop.

It’s good to see that the tiled Sanders façade has been cleaned up, even if we’re not exactly fans of Costa (we’d rather direct coffee lovers to independent local coffee shops like Federation Coffee) .

You can read the full story of Sanders in Brixton here.

Elsewhere, I spotted this adventurous squirrel hopping around on the 9th floor of the Barrier Block in Brixton.

I’m not sure how it managed to climb up to such a lofty perch, but at least it seems to be unrelated to Brixton’s notorious crack squirrels.