Brixton’s riot ‘love wall’ fails to engage locals

One Love, Brixton - graffiti on riot-trashed store

Maybe Brixtonites are just too cool to bother posting up positive messages on the hoardings outside a riot-devastated building – or maybe no one really cared much for the burnt out store in the first place.

Either way, the ‘Brixton Wall’ around the fire-damaged Footlocker store in central Brixton has certainly failed to capture the imagination of locals with no messages being added since the ‘One Love Brixton’ graffiti went up.

One Love, Brixton - graffiti on riot-trashed store

It’s been a different story in Peckham where a local theatre company created a “wall of love” for local residents to highlight the positive aspects of the area.

Hundreds of people quickly filled the wall with uplifting messages about the area on multi-coloured post-it notes, and it’s proved such a hit that the wall is going to be preserved.

One Love, Brixton - graffiti on riot-trashed store

Brixtonites don’t seem to have responded with the same level of enthusiasm – this is the sum total of messages thus far (although a bit of paper with a Facebook ‘like’ graphic was spotted briefly on the wall).

Not quite sure what “I <diamond> my Brixton” means, either!

One Love, Brixton - graffiti on riot-trashed store

Your opinion wanted!

What do you think of the wall? Are you going to head down and start adding your own comments?  Or do you think the whole idea is a bit, well, naff?

Please post up your thoughts below!

Update: 01:00 17th August: another large fire broke out in Footlocker which took forty firefighters over an hour to put out.

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