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Camera Cafe, Bloomsbury – a camera shop and cafe combined!

If you’re looking for somewhere interesting to grab a bite to eat after visiting the nearby British Museum in Bloomsbury, I recommend checking out the Camera Cafe. As its name suggest, it rather curiously wedges together a traditional camera shop with a cafe bar.

Claimed to be the ‘the first Camerashop and Cafe in the world,’ the front of the store is taken over by Aperture Photographic, who specialise in Nikon, Canon, Leica and other high end gear.

The old display cabinets are stuffed full with delicious Leica gear, second-hand lenses and other photographic treats, and there’s a huge pile of photo mags to read with your coffee.

At the rear of the store is the Camera Cafe, which has another room at the back and a function room and more seating downstairs.

The cafe serves up a wide range of sandwiches, juices and snacks, and there’s also free wi-fi and PC hire.

Seeing as I love old cameras and coffee, this is one place I’ll be visiting again very soon. It’s a winning combo, alright!


Camera cafe
44 Museum Street, Bloomsbury,
London WC1A 1LY
Tel: 07887 930826 ‎

Open Mon-Sat.

Map location