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Cardiff photos – chip alley, Alliance sculpture, National Museum and more rain

I was back up in the ‘Diff for a short stay this weekend, and took in a few sights from around town.

Pictured above is the Alliance sculpture situated outside the rather splendid Cardiff Central Library.

Consisting of a large stainless steel and enamelled metal arrow column and a hoop, the sculpture stands 25 metres (82 ft) high and glows in the dark. It was paid for by the adjacent St David’s shopping centre.

Minnie Mouse makes a break for it.

Poor old Nye Bevan doesn’t look too good.

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. The painting is one of my favourites, ‘Steel Works, Cardiff At Night‘ by Lionel Walden (1920).

I love these sculptures by William Goscombe John (1860-1952).

Leaving the museum – and the ruddy Cardiff rain is back again!

Our rainy walk back to the station took us past Caroline Street (aka Chip Alley). Tempted though I was, we sadly didn’t have time to grab a bag of what must be some of the finest chips to be found anywhere.

Tony’s Fish & Chip Bar, ready to serve you Tony’s special, Chicken Curry Off The Bone. Right next door is another legendary Cardiff chippie, Dorothy’s.

Once serving as Cardiff’s sleaziest sex cinema, the Philharmonic Hall started life as a music hall in 1877, and is a Grade II listed building now operating as a pub.