Citylink Couriers: useless, lying wankers

Citylink Couriers: wankers

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve wasted long days sat in waiting for this shower of shit to turn up with a promised “next day” delivery, only for the lying fuckers to later claim that they tried to deliver it.

Today was no different. I was in all day. I even kept the house quiet so we could hear their delicate pitter patter on the door, but there was not a noise all day. The bell did not ring, no matter what fantasy version of events the driver has spun and no note was left.

But how’s this for an extra stroke of genius? They say on their awful website that they’ll deliver up until 8pm at night, but their customer service helpline closes at 7pm – so you’ve no one to complain to when it looks like your package is not going to turn up! Fantastic!

Still, at least they’ve given me the option of collecting it personally. From Wimbledon – a mere one hour and 17 minutes away by pubic transport.

The wankers.

Rant over.

*goes for a lie down

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Citylink – the worst courier company in London, bar none.