Club 414 closed by police in Brixton after shooting

Club 414 closed by police in Brixton after shooting

I’m really saddened by this. Club 414, one of Brixton’s longest serving family-run clubs has been closed by the police for at least a month after a shooting incident on the morning of Thursday, 7th March.

The club is renown for its hard house/trance/techno nights, and has to be one of the most trouble-free venues in Brixton.

Trouble occurred after the venue was hired for a private reggae party, and at 4am, a fight broke out on the dancefloor, leading to one of the promoters being shot twice. Police are now investigating the incident.

While this this is clearly a horrifying incident, it does seem very harsh to force the indefinite closure of the entire venue.

This is not a rough house where trouble breaks out all the time – in fact, it’s one of the fluffiest venues I can think of – so I urge the police to reconsider their decision.

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