Clueless Google declares a ‘content farm’

Clueless Google declares a 'content farm'

Man, this is annoying. Some blundering oaf at Google has dreamt up an algorithm designed to hoof out dodgy ‘content farm’ type websites from the rankings, but screwed it up so badly that loads of legitimate sites have been blackisted – including


The idea was a great one: rewrite the way that Google works to ensure that low-quality or “shallow” websites were downgraded, giving a better chance for users to find the sites with real, honest-to-good content.

Seeing as contains nothing but ‘proper’ content – there’s tens of thousands of pages stuffed full with unique and original content, research, photos and information here, all put together with love and hard work – I didn’t think for one second we’d be lumped in with the spammers and scammers.

But thanks to Google’s castrophic cock-up, a host of bona fide sites have also found their search rankings plummeting downwards, with their traffic following swiftly in its wake, and yesterday we found ourselves on a list of unfairly downgraded sites which included well established sites like the British Medical Journal, Cult of Mac, Songkick and more.

Mightily miffed. Oh yes, indeedy

Traffic immediately plummeted  by 20 per cent on and I’m fucking furious. I’ve already emailed/Tweeted/shouted at every relevant person I can find at Google and asked them to reconsider the site ranking but heard bugger all back.

Hopefully, things will even out again when the site is re-indexed (that may well take month) but it’s incredibly frustrating to be put in this position in the first place.

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