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Could Brixton Bradys (Railway Hotel) be coming back as a pub?

Once one of Brixton’s legendary boozers, the old Brady’s/Railway Hotel building on Atlantic Road has criminally been left to rot for years on end.

Various schemes have come and gone for the building – including a community run scheme that had Prince Charles paying a visit and a proposal to open up a Pound Shop in the fine Victorian structure.

After so many years of dereliction,  many locals had given up hope of the place ever returning to use as a pub, but a new planning application may change that.

This planning application was spotted by a sharp-eyed reader on the urban75 forums, with a Mr Ian Mullen proposing a self-contained cafe unit and public house on the ground floor.

Further investigation by readers unearthed the proposed ground floor plans which shows the original front doorway reinstated, and two bars a small cafe.

Here’s the diagram from Lambeth’s planning department – click on the image for a bigger version:

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