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Crossing a chilly border: Bad Bentheim station in winter, Germany

Located on the border of Germany and the Netherlands, I spent 20 minutes on a frozen Bad Bentheim railway station last week and grabbed a few photos as we waited for the train to continue its journey east.

Served by train services operated by Deutsche Bahn with NS International and the Westfalenbahn, the station was opened on 18 October 1865 and is located on the Almelo – Salzbergen railway.

The temperatures were well below minus, but unlike Adlestrop, several passengers took advantage of the wait to step outside and stretch their legs and smoke a cigarette.

Bad Bentheim station is located to the north of the small town (pop 15,300) in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Trains have to wait at the border station while Dutch and German locomotives are changed over (the countries use different voltages).

I decided to take a risky walk through a gap in the fence to take a look around.

Wintry scene and long shadows by a house facing the station.