Corporate branding and Cardiff City FC. So what are we called now?

Does anyone know what Cardiff City FC are actually called now?

For all my life, Cardiff City have been known as the ‘Bluebirds’, because they played in blue and had the logo of a bluebird on their badge.

And that’s what my Dad called them and my Granddad too.  And his dad before him. Tradition, like.

Does anyone know what Cardiff City FC are actually called now?


But our new investors have decided on our behalf that we in fact should play in red with a red dragon on the badge, and knocked out the vile thing above in PowerPoint (I’m guessing the words ‘Fire and Passion’ were probably just left over from a previous business presentation).

So now that we have a new heritage-untroubled red strip and a comically bad new badge, I’m rather confused.

Seeing as it would be weird to shout ‘ Bluebirds’ at a team playing in a red strip with a red dragon on their shirts, what on earth are we supposed to call them now?

Anyone got any sensible ideas? ‘Franchise FC’ seems to fit the best so far.

Edit to add: There’s a good piece in WalesOnline today which raises some important questions, like:

1. Why has the investment/debt restructuring come only on the condition of rebranding?

PUT another way, why did the investment proposed to make Cardiff effectively “debt-free” have to come with such a controversial caveat? The reasoning so far has appeared flimsy.

Talk of Asian shirt sales is all well and good, but the actual real impact of the colour change on that particular market has been talked down by academics in the field.

Sceptical supporters may be persuaded if they are shown enough genuine business reasons for why the rebranding is a financial necessity.

If that doesn’t happen, then they are going to continue to see it as merely the whim of the Malaysian backers.