Dorset; Swanage, Corfe Castle, cider bars and more:

The urban75 walk club’s jaunt to Dorset was one of the best I’ve been on for a long time.

Despite weather forecasters predicting a weekend of showers, ne’er a drop fell on our heads and we were treated to some fabulous Springtime sunshine.

The trip had everything:

countryside, seaside, coastal walks, ice cream, castles, donkeys, new born lambs, dinosaur trails, goats, steam trains, celebrities, cliff top strolls, great globes, lighthouses, abandoned villages, ducks, the fiercest gale force wind I’ve ever encountered, delightful bays and some unbelievably fine cider – and the company of a fine bunch of urbanites.

Here’s a some photos:

Here’s the abandoned village of Tyneham, Dorset:

And here’s the windiest hill I have ever stood on. Some people very nearly didn’t make it down!

See more here: Dorset photos including Swanage, Corfe Castle and the lost village of Tyneham,

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