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Faces in the crowd: scenes from Boomtown’s town centre and main stage

Continuing our comprehensive coverage of this year’s wonderful Boomtown Festival, here’s a selection of photos taken around the town centre, with lots of crowd shots of people watching Goldie Looking Chain, La Pegatina, The Beat and more.

The main stage – a quasi-Tudor Ye Olde Englande construction – was a splendid thing to behold.

As seen at many an Endorse-It festival, the town crier was MCing the main stage.

Here’s some crowd scenes from around the square.

Foam-blastin’ molls.

Protecting the ale.

The classic festival move. “Let’s all sit down…”

“…and then jump up and go crazy!”

Goldie Looking Chain attracted one of the biggest crowds of the weekend.

A toast to GLC.

Gogol Bordello played the final set on the Town Hall stage on Sunday night.

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