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Faces of New York – street scenes from the Big Apple, NYC

Here’s a selection of candid street shots from my various New York travels. I hope some of you find them of interest.  Scroll down to the bottom to find out details of the cameras used.

Above, a lone walker with an umbrella is seen on the High Line in late autumn.

Lower East Side street scene.

A festive seller at the Union Square market.

Checking out the carrots.

A toastie at Gorilla Cheese.


Very sweet bags.

Washington Square.

Interactive art, Washington Square.

Brooklyn sun.

In the coffee house.


Making notes, NY subway.

Drummer busking on plastic tubs.

NY rain.

Subway buskers.

In the art bookstore.

Beach volleyball, Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Busker and box, Union Square.

Blowing bubble gum in the hipster fair.

Mattress on the move.

Midtown shades.

Bedford Avenue book browser.

Midtown shouting.

Relaxing in Bushwick.

On the ferry.

Running from the rain.

Examining the football. Or ‘soccer ball’ as the Americans would have it.

Brooklyn Bridge photo op.

By the East River.

Posing for a pic on the ferry.

Home made perfume sign.

On the steps.

By the Hudson River.

Busy scenes on Canal Street.

Flogging dodgy sunglasses in Canal Street.

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Cameras used:
Olympus OM-D EM-1 with 75mm f1.8/14mm-150mm f4-5.6 lens
Ricoh GR compact camera.