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Football fans to march to Premier League and Football League HQs to demand Affordable Football for All 14th Aug

Next month, the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) has organised a march to the Premier League and Football League headquarters to demand ‘Affordable Football for All.’

The march, planned for Thursday 14th August, is in response to fans being hit by ever-spiralling ticket costs while the clubs keep on trousering even fatter sums of money.

The people at the top are literally wallowing in cash – the Premier League’s current media deal is worth £5.5bn, up £2.1bn on the previous three years – while traditional fans are being squeezed out of stadiums by exorbitant ticket prices.

As the FSF points out, “the increase in Premier League media rights alone could have led to all 20 clubs letting in each and every supporter for all 38 games for free last season without being any worse off than they had been the season before.”

The march gives disgruntled and disfranchised fans the chance to let the fat cats know what they think about the increasing prices, and will gather at Marble Arch tube from 1pm before heading off to the Premier League and Football League offices at 30 Gloucester Place (W1U 8PL) at around 2:30pm.

A delegation of fans will meet with the authorities, while leaders from a number of supporter groups will address the crowd back at Marble Arch at around 3.30pm.

More info from the FSF website:

Get involved

  • Date/time/venue: Thursday 14th August 2014 (1pm at Marble Arch, heading to PL/FL HQ around 2.30pm, before heading back to Marble Arch).
  • Register: It doesn’t matter if you’re turning up on your own, or you’re organising a minibus/coach/chartered aircraft for your supporter group. Please let us know if you plan on attending, as it makes our lives easier with logistics, and letting the police know expected numbers. No personal details will be shared with the authorities – email events@fsf.org.uk.
  • Donate: The FSF is a largely volunteer-run organisation, and anyone who is willing to donate either their time or money is greatly appreciated. We can only campaign with the help of fans themselves and any money donated is reinvested into FSF campaigns. You can donate any amount, large or small, to help our campaign work here.

As for me, I gave up on the whole big football thing years ago, after a billionaire turned my team into a caricature of itself.

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