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Frosty feet, market scenes, CCTV Santa and Chinese baubles: Cardiff photos, December 2016

Here’s a collection of photos taken from my trip up to Cardiff earlier this week. They’re nothing special – just a series of snapshots taken as I scuttled around town heading home for a family Christmas.  Hope you like them!

Cardiff’s rightly famous for its wonderful Victorian and Edwardian shopping arcades.

Wikipedia says that Cardiff is known as the “City of Arcades”, due to the highest concentration of Victorian, Edwardian and contemporary indoor shopping arcades in any British city. I have to say that’s news to me.

The much travelled Tom Jones cardboard cut out has settled nicely into his new home in the relocated Spillers records store.

Restored in 2011 at a cost of £25,000, the H. Samuel Everite Time clock remains without the hands that disappeared some time after 2007 – and it’s been a long time since the neon letters were illuminated.

Packing away the goods in Cardiff’s Central Market.

I’m not entirely sure what this drummer was doing on Queen Street but he sure was making these kids happy!

Fruit stall, Queen Street.

Lady selling illuminated toys, Park Place.

Thornhill, 1am.

Stars and the spire of St John’s church.

Festive anti-intruder security advertising.

Cardiff Underground map.

Tabernacle is a Welsh-language Baptist chapel in The Hayes in the centre of Cardiff, Wales. It is a Grade II* listed building, dating from 1821.

Building underground a dramatic reconstruction, Bridge Street.

The Little Man Coffee Company, Bridge Street.

CCTV watches over Santa’s Grotto.

Many locals were unimpressed with Cardiff’s ‘artificial’ Christmas tree, a golden, bauble-laden creation which arrived late from China.

Low winter sun over Cardiff Castle.

Frozen grass, Bute Park.

Icy feet.

Artwork, Womanby Street.

It was disappointing to see the lack of the traditional discarded beer bottle/traffic cone (or rubbish bin) occupying the outstretched hand of this statue for John Batchelor in the Hayes.

Taking a break, Coffee Underground.

There’s a ruddy huge redevelopment taking place outside Cardiff Central (General) station.

Bent bollards, Great Western Lane.

Cardiff Central’s wonderful glazed platform signs.

The sign that every traveller dreads: the rail replacement notice.

A quick peek at the wonderful Gwdihw Cafe Bar as the bus slowly headed off to the ‘Port.

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