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Funeral for a friend in Greenwich. RIP Sam Hiller

Today has been a very sad day, as we travelled to Greenwich for the funeral of Sam Hiller, a kind, generous, gentle, funny and unique young man, loved by many.

The ceremony took place inside a packed Chapel of St Peter and St Paul in Greenwich, a striking neoclassical building designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

Sam was a regular poster on the urban75 forums for eleven years, contributing thousands of posts, many of them his trademark terrible jokes.

Such was his popularity amongst the community that the thread announcing his death attracted over 800 comments and so far has been read nearly 30,000 times.

Today’s funeral was sad, beautiful, melancholic, moving, funny and tragic, and the sound of the choir – who Sam used to sing for – was unbelievably moving.

RIP Sam. You touched many, many lives and the world won’t be the same without you.

And Buckfast sales are going to take a dip too.

“Without music, life would be an error” – Friedrich Nietzsche