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Granville Arcade (Brixton Village), 1961: ‘London’s Largest Emporium’

Some fascinating footage shot by British Pathe in summer 1961 shows Granville Arcade in all its rather stylish glory – with a particularly natty Art Deco sign above the Coldharbour Lane entrance.

Coldharbour Lane entrance. Note the two Morris Travellers parked to the left.

General view inside the market, which looks freshly painted and in good order.

Here’s the description from British Pathe:

Several shots of the Caribbean market in Brixton’s Granville Arcade; West Indian shoppers, mostly women pick over fruit and vegetables on the market stalls; sweet potatoes, some kind of pink member of the aubergine family, pumpkin, okra (Lady’s Finger) and bananas are seen. C/Us of signs advertise exotic (for 1961) fruit and vegetables. Women stand at a meat / butchers’ stall.

M/S of the top of an archway reading ‘Granville Arcade / London’s Largest Emporium’; M/S of the arcade entrance, pan left to show a railway bridge. More shopping and market shots; West Indian women look at nuts and pulses, clothes; two young black boys look at a toy stall; a small boy eats a mostly melted ice cream. A baby girl sits in a pram as her mother shops for shoes. Nice general shot looking down the arcade at the stalls and shoppers.

[British Pathe website]