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Great minor football scuffles: Cardiff City vs Luton 1994

I can’t remember what sent us all scuttling off in the direction of a half-empty Grange End on a cold Winter afternoon in 1994, but here’s the scene from our Fifth Round FA Cup clash with Luton Town on the 20th Feb.

Note the guy in the checked jacket at the back helpfully propelling those in front of him closer to the gate.

I can remember it was a bitterly disappointing game: after our incredible triumph over Man City in the Fourth Round, big things were expected against a distinctly unglamorous Luton, but we ended up losing 1-2.

I’m not quite sure where the guy climbing over the gates was headed.

No one from the Luton end seems particularly interested in some wintry fisticuffs, and as I recall everything soon calmed down.

Update: thanks to the folks at CCFC Online (who clearly have better memories than me), the rumpus was because Luton’s last goal was offside, and there’d been trouble outside the ground – plus an earlier pitch invasion.

Update 2: Here’s the controversial Luton goal: