Happy St Davids day!

Lovely, lovely St Davids day!

Thanks to the lovely Em, I’ve enjoyed a delightful leek bake today, followed by a plateful of delicious Welsh cakes. Welsh cakes rock.

Here’s Eme holding a tin full of cakes she baked for last year’s Offline St David’s Day special.

Someone asked me a while ago what a Welsh accent sounded like. Here’s my reply:

What exactly does a Welsh accent sound like?? Like Richard Burton. Like the Treorchy Male Voice Choir. Like butter across a freshly baked Welsh cake. Like Slack Blodwyn from Tiger Bay after six pints of SA. Like a warm summer breeze on the slopes of Snowdon. Like Shirley on a Vegas encore. Like Tom’s Green Green Grass. Like the sound of the onion bag bulging as Cardiff surge into the FA Cup Final.

See lots of photos from Wales here.