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In photos: Street art and graffiti of Shoreditch and Brick Lane, East London

Here’s a selection of photos taken around Brick Lane and Shoreditch showing off some of the street art that pretty much covers the main thoroughfares.

First, an ‘official’ installation, called ‘Trading Places.’ The façade recreates the front of Baker & Son, once a family run butcher shop at 37 Norton Falgate from 1910, while the building on the right ‘pays homage’ to Taj Stores, one of the UK’s first Bengali shops.

Walking into Shoreditch and the sticker density hits maximum.

Old Victorian alley is heavily tagged.

Paintwork detail.

Closed shop covered in stickers.

Artwork by Jimmy C at Whitby St, Shoreditch. The artist is best known for his Bowie mural in Brixton.

Bowie hotline.


Mick Taylor from the Rolling Stones in his 60s finery.


Post box artwork.

If you’re in the area, visiting the beigel shops of Brick Lane is essential. I’m not so sure about this recently introduced gimmick though: I prefer to buy a dozen of the traditional beigels next door, straight from the bakery and just 25p each.

Street art.

The former Shoreditch station is now covered in Star Wars-themed artwork.

See photos of the last days of Shoreditch tube station here.

‘He left me hanging while I was alone and high.’

Stickers, sign and sky.

Large scale artwork.


London’s Shoreditch turns into Williamsburg (circa 2005)
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