Incident at Brixton Splash on Coldharbour Lane, Brixton

I didn’t really want to post these photos because Brixton Splash was a lovely day out, and this was the only bit of real trouble I saw all day.

Sadly, rumours ran wild on Twitter straight afterwards, with people quick to serve up a flamboyant version of events, probably because it was happening in Brixton. So maybe this will put the record straight.

As far as I could see, it was just a street punch up between a handful of people. No guns. No knives. No bazookas or thermo-nuclear weapons.

As soon as the fighting started on a packed Coldharbour Lane, the happy carnival atmosphere was ruined, as people tried to flee the trouble.

You can see a big gap opening up where the brawling started as the crowd tried to get away.

Some people panicked as the crowd surged away from the fighting. I could see some young kids were really scared and upset.

Part of the fight in progress.

The police and stewards were quick on the scene and arrests were made.

The sound system had to be turned off for a while things cooled down, although everyone around me was thoroughly vexed at those who started the trouble.

Happily, very few people got caught up in this fight and – like me – had a lovely day out.