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Junction Sweet Junction and the mystery of the Bird Seed Specialists, SW9

Seen adjacent to the Shakespeare Business Centre building off Coldharbour Lane by Loughborough Junction is this rather splendid banner, proclaiming, “There’s no place like home! Junction Sweet Junction.”

Banner detail.

Also of interest was the shop sign above, which says, “B.O.Y. Brinkler, Osborne & Young Ltd., Pigeon, Poultry Bird Seed, Specialists.”

It’s a great looking sign, so I can’t decide if this is a genuine old business (I hope it is) or some recent hipster artiness.

A search on Google produced no results for the company name, while Street View produced this ‘before’ scene, where the shop on the right was being used by the equally fabulously named, “Blessed Assurance Freight Solutions Ltd.”

Anyone know anything about the bird seed specialists?