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London Eye 360 panorama serves up interactive London video

Now ready for your viewing and scrolling pleasure is a stunning 24-hour, time-lapse 360 degree video shot from the top of the London Eye.

Produced by a company called Spherical Images, the interactive video was shot with three Nikon D700 cameras fitted with fisheye lens, and the resulting pics then stitched together using Kolor Autopano Giga software.

The video lasts for around 90 seconds and is made up of 3000 panoramic images shot 30 seconds apart, tracking London’s skyline from day to night.

The company say that shooting the video proved to be a huge challenge, “as the cameras were open to the elements and we needed to be inside the capsule for the full 24hr period! “

Henry Stuart, Director of Spherical Images, explained that it took 18 hours to process all of the images together into the panoramas.

You can view the interactive panorama here, and if you’ve a super-speedy connection, check out the Hi Res Version (it worked fine on my home broadband connection).

Be warned that some cheesy indie pop automatically starts up when the page loads, so be primed to hit the ‘shut the fuck up’ pause bottom at the bottom of the screen.