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London Marathon 2014 – fifty photos from the day

On Sunday, April 13th, 2014, we went into town to cheer along a friend who was running his first marathon.

Like many of the people running the arduous 26 miles, our friend Rob was doing it for a good cause, in his case the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Rob suffers from this incurable respiratory and digestive disorder, so his efforts in completing the marathon in a fairly speedy time were nothing shorty of heroic.

Here’s some photos of the marvellous scenes in central London:

Some of the no-doubt uncomfortable outfits seen on the day.

Encouragement from the crowd.

Pub band by Tower Bridge blasting out the uplifting pop tunes.

“Sweet Caroline…bah bah bah!”

A scuttling Bagpuss.

Huddersfield marathon band.

I loved this dolphin.

Mixing up the tunes for the runners.

Steel band by Tower Bridge.

Discarded water bottles.

Helping a friend.

Looking like a bunch of human wasps, the Gugge 200 band thumped out some mighty tunes.

A refreshing water spray.

Getting near the end.

Cheering on the runners.

Not quite sure what this outfit was about.

Watching the runners on the last mile.

The fridge-carrying runner.

Just a little way to go….

Rob after finishing the marathon, enjoying a well earned pint.

You can find out more about his story – and donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust – here.

The medal!