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London Mayday march commemorates Tony Benn and Bob Crow – photo report

A huge turnout was seen marching through central London today as part of a Mayday event dedicated to socialist heroes Tony Benn and Bob Crow.

Despite the rain, thousands turned up, with the march starting at 1pm at Clerkenwell Green and working its way along Kingsway, Aldwych and the Strand, and into Trafalgar Square for a rally.

Uniting trade unionists, pensioners, students and political bodies, the march commemorated Rail Maritime and Transport union leader Bob Crow, who died on the 11th March this year, and veteran left-wing campaigner Tony Benn, who died just three days later.

Tony Lennon, Chief Steward from the London May Day Organising Committee said:

“This year’s London May Day presents a huge opportunity for the trade unions and the community to both pay tribute to the massive contribution made by Bob Crow and Tony Benn to the fight for workers’ rights and to send out the clear message that the battle goes on.

“The traditional London May Day march has always been a celebration of international solidarity and the 2014 event will do just that in honour of Bob and Tony.”

Here’s some photos from the day:

[Pic Dexter Deadwood]

[Pic Dexter Deadwood]

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